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Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm PST
of thor's law. vets in rancho cordova will look to see what is wrong with the dog's jaw. >> we are going to go in there and remove the bone fusing his jaw together. >> reporter: the reason he was taken to rancho cordova is because of recommendation, because of the canine german shepherd involved in a shooting. in rancho cordova, shawn bennett, cbs5. >>> all right, the rain is starting to move in. the storm has slowed down. brianbrian hackney has the forecast for us. >> we have the surf up around the bay area. waves could be up to 22 feet around the shoreline. on top of a pretty good swell. if you are going beachcombing this weekend, don't turn your back to the ocean. the waves will be pretty high this weekend. we get cloudy and showers tonight. it will be a little wet. clearing tomorrow. unsettled weather for new year's eve. first, the showers being triggered by low pressure moving close to the bay air y. most of the rain offshore. we could pick up a half an inch of rain and by tomorrow afternoon, there could be a dusting of snow on bay area peaks. so expect snow and showers tonight. we
Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm PST
paredes de la iglesia. una de ellas, alcanzo en su interior a maria teresa cordova, quien hoy asegura que esa bala perdida iba para su hijo entrevista maria teresa cordova el hecho ocurrio en el centro evangelistico bethel, ubicado en el boulevard macartur y avenida 82. una de las areas con mas alto crimen en oakland. la victima de estas balas perdidas dice que es un milagro que aun este con vida. entrevista ahora, ministros y feligreses de diferentes iglesias en oakland hacen un llamado a la cordura, pidiendo que gente inocente que solo busca de dios no caiga victima de los tiroteos. marco huerta ministerio pastoral de oakland 7 20 en una localidad que es bastante peligroso y abre sus 7 38 ellos han tenido gente que se esconde de una patrulla en pleno culto maria teresa cordova 812 la iglesia abre sus puertas para ayudar a esta sociedad dolida feligreses dicen que su guerra no es con balas sino con la oracion y piden a dios que tambien protejan sus iglesias, pues manifiestan que cada vez son menos los lugares donde pueden tener tranquilidad vicky velarde 11 04 las personas quieren solo a
Dec 26, 2012 4:30am PST
was only suffering from minor injuries. >>> friends say theresa cordova was trying to shield her children as bullets came through the walls of the bethel church monday night. they spoke about her events. >> she was trying to protect the children and that's why the bullets did not hurt her. >> she is expected to recover. a man outside the church is also in stable condition. witnesses say they do not believe the church was wantsable for the shooting. >>> police say he lit his home on fire to kill firefighters. the chief read chilling details about his plans. >> i still have to see how much of a neighborhood i can burn down and do what i like doing best, killing people. >> police say the note did not indicate his owe thetive. it included a semiautomatic rifle, the one that was used in newtown connecticut shooting. >>> gina was intoxicated last thursday when she drove her car into a death of four pedestrians. two other people are hurt but are expected to survive. >>> they shut town treat. it was near the corner of third and mission street and that area was closed to traffic for a while so cre
Dec 27, 2012 7:00pm PST
is holding its first service. and during the service, cordova shielded her 7-year old boys after bullets came through the wall and she's recovering. she told kicu in spanish that her first thing was to protect her children. [spanish] >> she said i through myself so it would hit me and not them. we'll have more on channel 2. >> oakland temple is giving kids a brake from the street today with the lock down. it features men ster, music and fellow ship and allows children from the aimings of 6 to 18 to come to church. last year no one went to sleep and it last until 2:00 and it cost $40 a person. >> jim donated more than $16,000 today to rebuild a play ground burned by an arsonist. it was set on fire which caused $250 worth of damage. today it means they can rebuild the play ground and hope to have it completed. >> berkeley are considering a plan for the high rise in the city in 40ms years. they have submitted an application for the plan which calls for a 17 story apartment on herald way near the station. if approved the development will have the way. the project is expected. a north bay football
Dec 15, 2012 7:00am PST
in walnut creek, a dozen people met with candles. more than 200 people attended a vigil in rancho cordova. they were supposed to meet on how to prevent crimes against children. there's a vigil that starts at 8:00 in golden gate park. you can find more at >>> we are looking at a chilly weekend and some rain. >> just a little bit. >> just enough to have to carry that umbrella around. >> exactly. it's a knewnuisance rain today. we are starting out with a little bit of sun here and there around the bay area. there's just a few tiny echoes offshore. those indicate a system that's spinning up out in the pacific. it will spread with clouds and rain. it's not going to amount to much, maybe a tenth of an inch of rain, something like that by midnight tonight. there's more on the way later in the weekend. we will talk about that unsettled week ahead. we'll do weather in a few minutes. >>> police if two of the biggest cities are looking to get guns off the streets this weekend. the oak land police department is holding its gun buy back event at saint benedicts church. san francisco a offi
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
cruzaron las paredes del centro evangelistico "bethel" ---maria teresa cordova dice que se ech encima de sus hijos para protegerlos.. ---una bala le perfor el brazo, los intestinos y el estomago ---al menos 20 niÑos presenciaron lo ocurrido y ninguno result herido.. cesar ---en san francisco, un hombre armado con un cuchillo puso en alerta a la policia luego de atrincherarse en una gasolinera "chevron" take vo ---segn las autoridades, esta maÑana recibieron un reporte de que un hombre en el distrito "castro" estaba actuando de manera extraÑa y que posiblemente sufra de una enfermedad mental ---una empleada cerr la puerta de la tienda y el sospechoso golpe su cuerpo contra la puerta de cristal para ingresar ---la mujer se encerr en un baÑo y el sujeto se atrincher ---la policia rode la gasolinera y negoci con el sospechoso hasta que se entreg pacificamente ---nadie result herido. cesar la navidad le trajo una sorpresa bastante desagradable a varios pequeÑos negocios en el distrito de la fruitvale en oakland.. alguien quebr sus ventanas por puro vandalismo, y al menos uno de los empre
Dec 27, 2012 8:00pm PST
. and hit cordova as she covered her kids new at eight. kron-4's scott rates spoke to cordova. as she continues to recover. >> reporter: she is continuing to recover at this hospital and the family is searching for answers. >> she is still shaken up about what happened to nights ago. >> i saw that my sister, my brother, there were all the screaming. it was terrible >> reporter: allying and the hospital is the last place she expected to be two days after christmas. it happened at this church in east oakland on christmas eve. gunshots sprayed into the building and the sheet shielded her twin bullets from our sons. >> i turned to look at and i do not know how i missed the bullets. i try to cover my sons and i think the bullet hit me and damaged a lot of things inside my body. >> the shot got part of her armor. >> the twin sons are happy that they are expected to be okay but still scared about what happened. just to give you an idea of how many shots if there is a bullet hole here, and a another bullet hole here. >> a parishioner and a 17 year-old were both shot expected to be okay but th
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
was shot on christmas eve protecting the children around her. theresa cordova was trying to shield the children as bullets came through the better they will church monday -- bethel church monday night. the pastor explains what happened during his sermon. >> are you scared to go back? >> a little bit, but i have to go in. i am serving god and i have to go back. >> he has counted seven or eight shots in the wall of the church and one bullet ended up in the baby's stroller. >>> she drove her car into a group of four pedestrians. she died of her injuries and two other people were hurt but are expected to survive. >>> a manhole explosion shut down the area and fortunately nobody was hurt and nobody lost power. pg&e said it was caused by an underground vault fire. crews put that fire out. >>> it is a week long holiday honoring african-american heritage and culture. it was created by a cal state professor and they will be hosting celebrations all week long and the first event begins today at san francisco city hall. and later, san francisco will kickoff the entitling cash to kickoff recyc
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am PST
and hit cordova as she covered her kids. authorities identified the armed suspect shot and killed by police officers at walnut creek apartment building as a 22 year-old man. we brought the story you yesterday. officers is on is that not one called in which someone was screaming in the background. police they were forced to fire at anthony bonds and junior who was pronounced dead at the scene. they're not release any other details about the confrontation. there were no other injuries and authorities are not looking for other suspects. it >> as south bay doctor faces in voluntary manslaughter and drug charges for allegedly running a pill mill out of her clinic. that's not margin is facing 13 felony counts in connection with allegedly with illegally prescribing powerful prescription drugs like i to cotton and purpose that the patients at her los gatos clinic. one patient ended up dying of a drug overdose. some of her patients allegedly resold as christian drugs they obtained through the doctor. >> friday's are always a lot busier in tahoe but it will be a great weekend. >> sunday wil
Dec 7, 2012 2:05am EST
'm amazed. i love it. >> big round of applause for anne. >> next up from cordova, alaska, 35 years old. her daily beauty routine consists of watching her hair. that's it. she is so excited she said to get this new look. let's hear her story. >> we had to bully you into this, but now you're ready? >> yes. i'm so ready. >> tell me why you want this makeover now? >> well, i've been working for how many years i think it's time for me to makeover transformation. >> first you said no cut, no color. now what? >> it's about time. it's been like two years i haven't had my hair cut and my hair colored. >> change is coming and your hubby is excited. >> all right. thank you so much. >> and bjorne's husband is here. let's take one last look at the before. let's bring her out. let's see it. >> oh, wow! >> looking good. what did you do here? >> let's take the blindfold off. >> wow. beautiful. >> you've got your own camera. looking good. >> spin right around here. take a look. >> you look beautiful. do you need a kleenex? >> what we did, we saw a beautiful girl who didn't bother with her looks. so again, w
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am PST
driver who ran from police at a traffic stop and ran to cordova creek. let me show you the video early on when police were searching for this man with a boat in a cold creek with fast moving water. it began with a police traffic stop nearby, this man was suspected of dwi but when police tried to pull him over he started running from officers, eventually jumped over the fence and officers lost site of him when he jumped into the creek and they are very concerned about his wellbeing. >> we are concerned for the person's safety, the water was swift and there was a cement carrier where he was last seen and we are worried he could have drowned. >> reporter: police do not know what happened to the man. they spent time searching the waters of this creek trying to find him with no luck and what they have done is temporarily called off that search and planned on bringing in a dive team and that team will go under water and see if they can locate this man's body. police are not saying who this man is but he was wanted for drunk driving, pulled over for a traffic stop, ran from police and police
Dec 4, 2012 12:00am PST
in a school that is 98% low-income in a neighborhood plagued by violence. principal shelly cordova says her decision to apply to become a pilot school for the common core was a good one. so she admits that not all armor teachers felt that way initially. >> as always, anything new, you're alway skeptical about it. we've had some resistors. >> reporter: leslie roach was one of them. >> my colleagues laughed because i was the biggest just downer on the common core when it first came out. i was very angry about having to find our own materials and how are we going to do this and all this time? after a while they got pretty tired of listening to me complain. but as i got into it myself and i kind of embraced what was coming, i really did find that the kids do understand more and they learn more. they're more interested in what they're learning. >> reporter: this is the first year that all chicago public schools are using the common core standards. the chief of instruction for c.p.s. says the district's professional development programs will be key to a successful transition. >> teachers haven't
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am PST
to resume searching for this team, somewhere in the cordova creek. the man is suspected of drunk driving and ran from officers during a traffic stop. it happened earlier in the morning. he jumped into the creek in an area where the water is moving very quickly. authorities put a boat in the water right away to search the bas ofthe creek but there was no sign of the man. this all began after midnight when ross police made a dui stop on the man's car near sir francis drake and college. but during the field sobriety test, this man took off running from officers. officers watched him go in the creek and eventually lost sight of him. >> they followed for about 100 yards trying to encourage the person to come out of the swift water. he swam away from the officers. the officers followed him as far as they could until they couldn't anymore. >> reporter: now, the ross police chief said he isn't going to release the name of the missing man at this point but police are very concerned about his well being since the water is cold and the current, especially in the air area where he went in, is -- in
Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm EST
rancho cordova, calif.. and republican caller, go ahead. caller: four quick comments. number one, we are talking about bill gates and warren buffett and driving some kind of benefit by setting up these trusts. most of the people do this because they give all of their money away to charities and they know that this money, if left after their death, it will be taken over by the government and most like the squandered. most of the money by these wealthy people is given away to people, to charity and to people that can really use it. i think they should be given some credit for that. number two, they keep talking about the wealthy and the middle class. the wealthy people in this country, like carnegie, henry ford, john rockefeller, to me, they are responsible for creating the middle class. the middle class did not really exist before people like that came and created these big corporations and created the jobs that put america and where it was. host: we are just about out of time. but before we let you go, do you take deductions on your taxes? caller: of course. host: let's go to john mc
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)